How to dress like Rihanna?

Who never dream of being as stylished as Rihanna? We all did right?
But if we want to have her wardrobe, we don't exactly have the same budget that she has ahah.
So for this article, I've search on a lot of website in order to find pieces that could looks like the ones Rihanna is wearing but way less pricey.
I selected three of Rihanna's outfit that are litterally GOALS and try to find similar products that we could afford.
Hope you will find your happiness down there !


For the first look, we're going to try to recreate her Wild Thoughts music video look.

If the bardot top is somethung really easy to find averywhere because it's 100% 2018 trend, I tried to look at not  thights and sheer ones. I don't know if you will have the guts to wear it without anything under, but if you are not bold enough like me I would say that these tops are pretty easy to wear with a bandeau top underneath.

The pants and the boots were the hardest things to find because no other brands that Balenciaga does matching boots and legging ahah.

So I would recommend to have flower printed boots and pants even if they are not matching, it is still a look ahah. But the other option to be closer to the Wild Thoughts' look would be to use tranparent boots with  flower printed pants in order to fade the transition between the pants and the boots.

The coolest vibe of the Wild Thought's look come from the acessories. It is pretty easy to find super big earings, a silk satin scarf and pink sunglasses. These are the kind of accessories that could be useful over a lifetime, so why not go for it?


Missguided - 22,50€

Missguided - 22,50€

Nasty Gal - 27,00€

Stradivarius - 19,99 €

Zara - 29,95€

Asos - 13,49€

Ego - 14,99£

Ego - 49,99£

Asos - 63,49€

Topshop - 29,00€

Boohoo - 7,00€

Forever 21 - 4,00€

NastyGal - 9,00€

H&M - 7,99€

Claire's - 5,59€


The second outfit I choose to recreate was the oufit whe was wearing at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in 2017.

With this ouftit, Rihanna showed us again that accessories MADE THE LOOK. The bandana under the hat is just a genuis idea easy to stole ahah. And it look gorgeous with this long white lace dress and with a red or burgundy fake (i hope!) crocodile leather bag.

I find few dresses and jumpsuits that can look a bit like Rihanna's one. Some looks really dressed up, but others such as the 35€ boohoo one, are more casual and easier to wear for an everyday look.

Missguided - 67,50€

NastyGal - 45,00€

Asos - 27,99€

H&M - 9,99€

Boohoo - 34,00€

Forever21 - 26,00€

ASOS - 6,99€

SheIn - 4,21€

Missguided - 105,00€

Boohoo - 35,00€

Zara - 25,95€

SheIn - 4,21€


As Rihanna is a denim queen, I could end this article without doing a denim look.

This total denim outfit may be the easier to wear as an everyday outfit that the two previous ones. 

I personally really LOVE the pencil denim skirt, I think it could look good with anything. Put a simple tee-shirt, a pair of sneakers and add one of those pencil denim skirt: FIERCE!

Pretty Little Thing - 29,70€

New Look - 29,99€

Forever 21 - 11,99€

Bershka - 9,99€

Forever 21 - 20,00€

Missguided - 33,00€

Forever 21 - 4,99€

H&M - 15,99€

Missguided - 37,50€

Forever 21 - 26,00€

Missguided - 33,00€

Claire's - 1,39€

Which other celebrities are your fashion icons?

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